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Dit is de nieuwste en tevens 1e accordeon cd van Waylon Moore: Fiesta d'accordeon. Op deze cd staan 15 tracks. Tex Mex, Musette, Swing, Polka, Z Amerikaans, enz. 13 van deze tracks zijn nummers, speciaal voor deze cd gecomponeerd. Verder staan er 2 Duitse stukken op, t.w. Kurz und Gut en Schnick Schnack.
Fiesta d'Accordeon is uitgebracht door AHP, onder het label van Away records. Je kunt op deze sites alle 15 tracks van de cd voor een deel downloaden in mpeg 3 formaat. Blijf je met je muis even op de nummers staan, dan zie je ook nog de uitgever + composer van het desbetreffende nummer.
"Waylon Moore"
Produced and arranged by Anton vd Heijden
All songs engineered and mixed by Anton & Waylon vd Heijden at A.H.P studio, Nistelrode (The Netherlands)
Waylon Moore: Lead Accordeon + Accordeon Licks
Jack Verburgt : Bass, Acoustic guitar, Electr. guit, Banjo
Marionne Wheels: Saxophone, Bagpipe, Percussion
Anton & Waylon vd Heijden: Synths, Drums, Percussion, Special effects.
Photography by William Opheij, The Netherlands.
Album design by Logo grafisch ontwerp, Oss, The Netherlands
Special thanks to: De Harmonie Nistelrode/ Haros Oss / Roelof Lochmans/ Prinsenhof Best/ Coolen Accordeons Tilburg.
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Multidisk Musicgroup
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cat.no: IAM 20.057
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Cd-Single: Kukele Q
Kukele Q, een pakkende accordeon hit, die alle hitpotentie heeft om door te breken in de hitparades. Speciaal te gebruiken bij apres-ski feesten en dergelijke.
Download Mp3's fragmenten:

Waylon gets (accordion) music, as it is like a puzzle solved.

He had begun accordion lessons when he was nine years old, and the first lessons he received from his father. Now he is studying with a private teacher.

Just about all the Van der Heijden family has somehow something to do with music. Thus, his late Grandpa (Toon van der Heijden) already used to be a highly sought-after Harmonica player at many festivals in the vicinity of his best place in Noord Brabant. Also, his father (Anton) has been working as a professional musician (accordionist) and composer/text poet for almost 40 years. With his skill and experience, Waylon should have been qualified to teach in a piano school in NYC, but his love for the accordion is much more intense.

The accordion always stood (and stands) at the van der Heijdens, you could say that it was the family instrument as it was. There is a lot of music at home, among others Johnny Meijer, Flaco Jiminez, Ivette Horneur, Art van Damme.

Waylon is still in Havo 5, after which he goes to the conservatory.
With his new repertoire, he has already performed a large number of live performances at various local radio stations and a live interview/performance at Omroep Brabant. The big channels from Hilversum have already paid a lot of attention to the first CD single Kukele Q Veronica (and regularly at the TROS Golden Hours on Radio 2). On several parties, they know Waylon in his own style accordion game.

He does not play piano and keyboard for free, and also plays in a duo on the Entertainment Tour. He has also contributed to the production of the unique collective CD Big and Small Accordeon Festijn, with 25 different International Accordionists, who, on his own, also listen to his "Moonlight Melody."

In his spare time, he works as a technician in the father's studio.
Also, he composes and arranges it loosely. Thus, he wrote some of the songs on his new accordion album himself.

Download Mp3's fragmenten:

1. Patas Arriba
2. Kreta
3. Hurry Up
4. Chicken Run
5. Bonfire
6. Kurz und Gut
7. Waltzing Toscane
8. Stuiveswing
9. Cuckoo Dance
11. Fiesta d'Accordeon
12. Austriaco
10. Northsea
13. Schnick Schnack
14. Funiculaire
15. Polkalinka
3. Woef Woef Woef.mp3
1. Kukele Q.mp3
2. Bonfire.mp3

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